Roof  Air Ventilator

                   In order to draw out several harmful gases emitted in production areas and workshops, we offer our customers exceptional quality Roof Air Ventilators. Moreover, our product can enhance the working conditions by ventilating hot air, industrial gases, smoke, heat and humidity. Custom designs of these products are also available at cost-effective prices.
Benefits of Roof Air Ventilation
  1. Remove heat and moisture from the curing area in a timely and controlled manner
  2. Prevent heat and moisture loss into the production area, which eliminates housekeeping and corrosion issues
  3. Increase ex-chamber concrete strength by 10% to 15% due to controlled drying
  4. Reduce condensation on floors and other curing area surfaces, preventing operating issues with transport equipment and improving safety

Operating Features

  1. High performance axial ventilator is located in the rear wall of the curing area.
  2. Fresh air intake is in the front of the curing area and may be achieved by raising automatic doors or through the use of louvers.
  3. Gravity-operated louvers or motorized dampers are installed to reduce heat loss through exhaust openings.
  4. Exposed openings may require protective high-efficiency fiberglass cowlings mounted to the building wall to prevent the encroachment of inclement weather